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A collection of 50 different hand-drawn cards by Okcerk (Andres Marc) stored on the Polygon blockchain.

Looney World NFT collectible cards

Card rarities

Looney World NFT Card X-Ray

Total card editions: 1,500 NFTs

The repetition of each artwork edition is based on its rarity.

Common card example

Common card

White border

20 different artworks

Uncommon card

Green border

15 different artworks

Uncommon card example
Rare card example

Rare card

Yellow border

10 different artworks

Super Rare card

Purple border

5 different artworks

Super rare card example

Quests: Collect to Earn

Looney World NFT Quest preview

As a reward for collectors and early buyers, based on their collection users will receive FREE airdrops of special edition cards.

New quests will be launched every month.

First quest rewards: March 2023. Stay tuned!

The Roadmap

Looney World NFT road map

Available re-sale NFT marketplaces:

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